»Cycles Of Pain« is embracing the world!

To be released on November 3, 2023 via Atomic Fire Records, iconic Brazilian progressive power metallers ANGRA are ready to present fans with their highly anticipated new studio album this autumn.

Lead single ‘Ride Into The Storm’ sounded the attack in August, with hundred thousands of fans celebrating the group’s impressive return, and now, the quintet go one step further: ‘Tide Of Changes’ is an ambitious two-piece song consisting of an introducing but not minor essential ‘Part I’ leading into ‘Part II’ which spreads a slightly Far Eastern feel before evolving its beauty, pushed by significantly dominating bass lines of Felipe Andreoli. Additionally, a film crew around Leo Liberti (https://www.libertafilmes.com.br/) have once again created a stunning music video for the band, this time also adding 3D effects putting a futuristic stamp on it. The result can be seen below.

Andreoli comments: “This song came to life very quickly. After I played around with the initial riff, all subsequent parts kind of naturally fell into place. It’s a song full of dynamics and different textures, with a look to the future while we also nod to the past, especially in the middle section. Fabio did a brilliant job with the vocal lines and delivered a very inspired performance. The intro came about while I was working on some harmonies, then Fabio joined in and the magic happened.”

“The ‘Tide Of Changes‘ lyrics were the first I wrote for the »Cycles Of Pain« album and portray exactly what the title denounces. We live in a moment of great instability and, while our ego seeks the comfort zone and control, it is fundamental to adapt to this impermanence, to surf the waves of destiny and not on our expectations. It’s the pains and frustrations that shape and strengthen us, to the point where we can beat our chest and say: ‘Let the next wave of difficulties come. Want to take another piece of me? Come on, I’ve waited for this moment!'” concludes guitarist Rafael Bittencourt.

Pre-order the album in the physical format of your choice (see below!), pre-save it on your favourite DSP or pre-order it digitally to receive ‘Tide Of Changes – Part II’ and ‘Ride Into The Storm’ instantly now, here: https://angra.afr.link/cyclesofpainPR

»Cycles Of Pain« was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by long-time ANGRA partner Dennis Ward (D.C. COOPER, PINK CREAM 69, PLACE VENDOME etc.) at the Sonastério & Elephant Office in Brazil, while mixing and mastering took place at The TrakShak in Karlsdorf, Germany. Its artwork was designed by Erick Pasqua (https://erickpas.com/) before Jonathan Canuto (https://canutoartwork.myportfolio.com/) took care of layout duties.

The album also features a range of guests including appearances by Amanda Somerville (‘Tears Of Blood’), Brazilian artists Lenine (‘Vida Seca’) and Vanessa Moreno (‘Tide Of Changes – Part II’ & ‘Here In The Now’), and last but not least Juliana D’Agostini on piano (‘Tears Of Blood’).

Angra Cycles Of pain album cover

»Cycles Of Pain« will be available in the following formats:

»Cycles Of Pain« – Track Listing:

  1. Cyclus Doloris
  2. Ride Into The Storm
  3. Dead Man On Display
  4. Tide Of Changes – Part I
  5. Tide Of Changes – Part II
  6. Vida Seca
  7. Gods Of The World
  8. Cycles Of Pain
  9. Faithless Sanctuary
  10. Here In The Now
  11. Generation Warriors
  12. Tears Of Blood

The group’s metal leadership began over 30 years ago in 1991. Hailing since then as one of the finest metal acts originating from South America, the last decade saw the addition of vocalist Fabio Lione (ATHENA XIX, ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ex-VISION DIVINE etc.) to their ranks. With Rafael Bittencourt and Marcelo Barbosa on guitars, Felipe Andreoli on bass and Bruno Valverde on drums, ANGRA have been keeping the momentum and now they are ready to release their long-awaited 10th studio album through their new label partner Atomic Fire Records.


ANGRA are:
Fabio Lione | vocals
Rafael Bittencourt | guitars
Marcelo Barbosa | guitars
Felipe Andreoli | bass
Bruno Valverde | drums

ANGRA online: