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Bring Out Your Dead by Elysion

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Bring Out Your Dead
2023 – Massacre Records

Blink Of An Eye
Crossing Over
Far Away
Buried Alive
As The Flower Withers
Raid The Universe
This Time
Brand New Me
Blue Seasons

Bring out your music! And take no prisoners! Elysion’s third full length is here to certify that this Greek band is back with a musicance. Kickoffer “Blink Of An Eye” is a bombastic anthem, combining powerful guitars with a thunderous backbone of a rhythm section and crystal yet rough, when needed, vocals. I’ve even heard a #mono (must become an international benchmark) guitar riffing. Start sounds phenomenal and wait till you get to the hit “Crossing Over”. Most of you must have watched that awesome video, right? This is one intro ala Paradise Lost and then the quintet takes it from there. A totally melodic chorus, taking us to the musical landscapes of the band, the ones we used to love all these years. Check out the thematic guitar solo.

Third album is always a charm and this one doesn’t beg to differ. The lyrical intro of “Far Away” is splashed through my headphones. Then it’s that characteristic beat and those sharp guitars, which can shard you in just a few seconds. Another thaumastic chorus, another mind journey across the dark sided lands. It’s been nine years since “Some Place Better” but it’s also like old wine. It only gets better and Elysion is serving us with their best wine up to date. “Buried Alive” is somewhat of a ballad, with a darkening chroma intriguing sense… till that voice, escorted by keys alone, moves into a chorus motif, before it gets joined by the other instruments. Next video I assume?

“As The Flower Withers” is a typical Elysion invader. One can hear those guitars messing with the whole system, then it’s verse with just the rhythm section and then it’s back with the guitars attack, whilst enchanting keyboards are backing the premises. Amazing vocal bridge, leading to a smashing chorus, straight from the famous chorus-tree, which has been in the Elysion garden for years now. That crystal path in the middle is superb, followed by a rhythmical convoy.


Alright, people. It’s time to put your kids to bed. “Raid The Universe” is up next and it’s open season! Starting with Dr. Wernher von Braun’s excerpts from his famous speech at the Nation Press Club for the tenth anniversary of Voyager I, the band is raiding our listening devices, our minds, our defenses… This is good stuff, mate! Guitars motif is simply breathtaking and vocals tend to follow and lead the way for all these undiscovered areas of space and time. Second single for the album and one of the best songs of the year for certain; and it’s only March as we speak! “This Time” is mid-tempo, solid, sharp. Vocals splendor is portrayed through a cinematic verse and a grand aroma of a chorus.

“Brand New Me” can be described as a crossover between a ballad and a thunder of a rocker. Vocals blend and the chorus is coming over, visiting from the land of the Canucks maybe? And then… “Blue Seasons”… Wow! Cutting edge musicstormer, with the voice running through the words inside the verse and melodically building via a lovable bridge, moving to an even more melodic chorus. “Eternity” is the ultimate closer. “Haven’t you heard that everything dies”… Clean motifs for first half of the verse, then it all turns electrical. And the band is leaving the ground…

Third album is a charm indeed. Elysion should be proud of making a simply AMAZING album, suitable for all ears. Whether you are a Rock fan, a Metal fan, an extreme music fan or just a music fan in general, you’ll grow to love this album. Because it exemplifies the fact that music is just one. Good luck, lady and gentlemen! This one is a killing package!

Costas Koulis

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