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Digital Noise Alliance by Queensryche

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Digital Noise Alliance
2022 – Century Media Records

In Extremis
Lost In Sorrow
Behind The Walls
Nocturnal Light
Out Of The Black
Hold On
Bonus Track:
Rebel Yell

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the DNA of a new era! This is #16 Long Play album and number 17, “Queensryche” EP included. The band from the Emerald City, the symbol of Jet City, the ones making history in the making. Three years after “The Verdict”, two years after the horrible pandemic hit and a number of years prior to best is yet to come. The album features the return of Mike Stone, one of the most loved peeps in the Ryche world. Mike, welcome back to the fold! Stoney did support his – then – former bandmates as a touring musician in 2018. This is the first studio album that Casey Grillo is recording the drums for. And with this one, da Ryche celebrate their ten years relationship and bliss with the Tower himself, Todd La Torre. What do you say we dive into the tracklist, to listen, learn, have fun with and adore the band some more?

“In Extremis” is the album opener. You know about it, you’ve listened to it, you know by now. Strong and solid, fast and furious. Todd’s voice flies over the atmosphere and generates some amazing lead vox, whilst backing vocals on the chorus are unique. Do I suspect an input by Eddie Jackson there, too? Cuz EdBass is always doing fantastic backing vocals, in the studio or/and on stage. Solo is handled beautifully by M.O.T.U. and one listening to the album will find themselves locked inside Ryche’s melodic ferocity. That ending of the song, with snare drum bombarding the universe… that’s it!

“Chapters” is next. Slower in tempo, equally rough in terms of power, volume and sonic pleasure. Todd is building a fine melodic vocal line, which can guide us back in time and prepare the future for a full package of surprises. Backing vox blending and a chorus that the fans will fall in love with and newest rycHeads will find irresistible to fight. Amazing twin guitaring. This is the third album in a row, produced and mixed by Zeuss. Chris Harris has worked again with the boys and the result is most impressive. The thinking man’s Metal Band is throughout their most honest momentum, creating hymns like “Lost In Sorrow”. Listen to that verse, listen to the way the Tower is moving and handling these melodies. Guitars sound wonderful and at this point we share a statement of Chris’ regarding recording procedures. They used a bunch of Michael Wilton’s old amplifiers, from “The Warning”, “Rage…” and O:M periods. And they worked like a charm! This song features a heartbreaking chorus. Okay, forgive me, but I just need to listen to it one more time before I proceed to the next one. I’ll be back…

The way “Sicdeth” is entering… That riffing, that tutti, that catapult of an intro… 2/2 rhythm and the band is killing it! The chorus is back on 4/4 areas and then it’s brutal assault and fine double bass drumming… And then… It’s really hard to describe that oistros (estrus) of instrumental craftsmanship. This could easily be another video… Next song of the bouquet; “Behind The Walls”. Building in a 12/8 galloping rhythm, this one already is one of the new album videos. A bulldozer of a chorus is following, and you just keep on repeating… “Did you ever love me? Did you ever love you”?

“Nocturnal Light” is groovy to the bone. Mid tempo and concreate solid, featuring thunderous guitar riffing and magnificent melodic changes, this one is a concert caller. Can’t wait to hear it LiVE and enjoy the mosh by the “First to the barrier” crowd. Got to listen to the twin guitars? They sound incredible, don’t they? And that instrumental part, with the FX on the solos… Truly artistic. “Out Of The Black” is a hit track sensation. The riffing is Ryching – yeah, that means “Of the ryche kind” – and it’s just taking you with it. Thematic solos are simply breathtaking. “When you find yourself alone”… then what? Maybe head towards the opposite of blackness… In this light maybe…

“Forest”. One of the videos as well. Fragile, fresh, reminding us of the old times, driving through space and time. It’s like Della found Lucy and they both want out for coffee on a rainy Saturday in Seattle. It’s warm inside, it’s cozy and there’s plenty of time for sharing stories, talk about loved ones and gazing though the window. It’s a huge wide forest out there… “Realms” is a Heavy Metal booster. It’s dark and Rychey, it’s massive and full of melody. “Hold On”, with that intro filled with China cymbals and that charismatic chorus. Todd at his best! Voice is flying actually, and we just want it to NOT end. Crystal guitars, heavy guitars, respective melodies, killer basslines. And those pauses/tutti’s during the instrumental bridge… Okay, that’s PROG one on one!

“Tormentum”, the epilogue, is a seven-almost-eight minute long epic, comprising a protest march against all those who want to keep us down. Torture is NOT a means. The Ryche put it in the news headlines. The song is filled with progressive parts, and they just make all that stuff like they are on their daily walk in the park. They even changed the rhythmic part, and they did it so beautifully…

It’s their sixteenth full length album and their fourth with Todd behind the mic. And it sounds like they just began their musical journey! They sound fresh, powerful, they sound young and full of energy. It’s in their DNA, ryche?

Costas Koulis

Kudos for the idea and the implementation. The cover on “Rebel Yell” is fun-fun-fun!

Buy the album HERE!

Queen thoughts
Είναι υπέροχο να ταξιδεύεις με οδηγό τη μουσική. Κάθε άλμπουμ των Queensryche είναι πάντα μια αγαπημένη διαδρομή. Ένα ταξίδι που δεν θες να τελειώσει. Το «Digital Noise Alliance» έχει μια πιο μεστή δυναμική. Η φωνή του Todd έχει γεμίσει, έχει γίνει πιο μπάσα, πιο αισθαντική. Η μουσική ακροβατεί σε νότες, αισθήσεις, στιγμές, εντάσεις. Έχει κάτι από τα παλιά, αλλά με μια πιο φρέσκια απόδοση. Έχει την απαιτητική Queensryche σφραγίδα αλλά και μια ελευθερία για να συνυπάρξει με το σήμερα. Κάποια riff μένουν στο μυαλό, είναι σίγουρο ότι θα σε κατευθύνουν στη βαρύτητα των στίχων. Είναι σε γερά κέφια η μπάντα και τόλμησε να δώσει τη δική της εκδοχή στο αγαπημένο τραγούδι από Billy Idol το “Rebel Yell”. Του πάει γάντι του Todd, λάτρεψα να τον ακούω σε αυτό. Μας το ξαναθύμισε γλυκά και διαπεραστικά. Στιβαρό, αλήτικο το “Out Of The Black”, με ένα riff απίστευτα ηλεκτρισμένο, που δίνει ρίγη στη ραχοκοκαλιά σου. Μεγαλοπρεπές και ταυτόσημο με τον ήχο της μπάντας το “Lost In Sorrow”, κόλλησε στο μυαλό και την καρδιά μου.

Είναι ένα ακόμα επιτυχημένο άλμπουμ για τους Queensryche και θα αγαπηθεί όπως του πρέπει από όλους τους fan της μπάντας. Μια ερώτηση έχω μόνο. Πότε σκοπεύετε να μας ξανάρθετε, κύριοι; Μας λείψατε!

Καλή ακρόαση!
Μαίρη Ζαρακοβίτη

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