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Dolezall releases new EP and lyric video

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Third part of a medieval story
Continuing the string of medieval stories, chilean Dolezall releases the third part of what will be
their new album “Dark Tales From Medieval Times”. The new EP “Part 3: The Presence of Evil” is
the third chapter of a total of four that will make up the record.

In the words of its drummer and leader, Carlos Dolezal, “this EP is about the presence of evil and
the devil in the Middle Ages, becoming an antithesis of the previous chapter. While before we
talked about the witch hunt, the Inquisition and the monks of the Lindisfarne Monastery, now it is
the Devil himself who enters the scene,” he explains.

The EP “Part 3: The Presence of Evil” was recorded at AST Estudios, by producer Nicol?s Arce, who
is also the guitarist of the band that is completed by Felipe del Valle on vocals, Rainer Hemmelman
on bass and Carlos Dolezal on drums.

The tracklist for “Part 3: The Presence of Evil” is as follows:

  1. The Covenant
  2. The Possession
  3. The Black Plague
    Likewise, Dolezall presents us with the lyric video for the song ‘The Black Plague’, a story about
    how the disease devastated cities in the Middle Ages, causing thousands of deaths and desolating
    towns that seemed to have been infected by the devil himself.
    This third EP was preceded by “Part 1: A Dark Beginning” and “Part 2: In The Name Of God”, which
    talked about wars and the inquisition, respectively.
    Learn more about Dolezall on their social networks: DolezallMetal (Facebook), @Dolezall_Metal
    (Instagram), YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and all virtual platforms.
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