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Geoff Tate: “I’m an observer, telling a story I guess” – The interview

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What can you say when Geoff Tate is sitting right over there, opposite you, ready to answer questions about some of the best albums ever? Albums that he is featured on. We had an amazing opportunity, and we simply did not let it go away. He was so nice with us that we wish we could have him for five or six hours straight!


He’s sharing stories about the two albums, “Rage For Order” and “Empire”, he’s joking about the interviews in the States, he’s a great company and a brilliant musician. And he made this interview go viral!

Filmed, directed and edited by Sotiris Kotsanis.
Questions by Costas Koulis and Mary Zarakoviti.
Sincere thanks to Alex Politis, Dimitris Papandreou, Nikos Resperis and the whole Gimme Shelter Film Fefstival team.

All of a sudden, we get a message that Blabbermouth is sharing our story! Seriously? It’s the very first interview for the new magazine and we get this treat? How amazing is that? Thank you!

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