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“Hot N Cold” is the new Hell’s Guardian stand-alone single – a cover version of Katy Perry’s hit.

The band says about:
Katy Perry is considered a leading figure in pop music of the 2000s and achieved worldwide success with the single ‘Hot n Cold‘ 2008. As a fan, we chose to readapt this track for its catchy and direct nature, which fits well with the Metal sound. The cover was created for fun while writing the new album, as you can see from the self-ironic video. It is an interesting project but separate from the band, which remains faithful to its epic and symphonic sound.”

Video/Directed by Michele Tonoli Produced by Freddie Formis, Cesare Damiolini, Fabrizio Romani

Choir by Marco Pastorino Orchestrations by Marco Venturi (Laconicmind)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Media Factory by Fabrizio Romani