Geoff Tate is performing at the Chania Rock Festival this summer. It’s just wonderful to be able to see this amazing singer playing live in different parts of the world and Crete is just a fantastic island, and a great place to spend quality time. We thought it will be nice to catch up, so we asked and found out we could talk to the man himself. “Nikki” was right there, and we simply started asking questions.

“Promised Land” might be the next LiVE adventure of GT. He did a special show in Ireland, where he played the whole album on stage and maybe the time has come for a full European extravaganza. Plus, he is really thinking about doing something with O:M II. Now, that could be it!

He talked about the Cabaret shows, and their revival one day; he also mentioned what he really likes to do. Fishing! You hear that, Adrian? Angler rising, ladies and gentlemen! GT is full of surprises and many of them are due for next year. Be prepared!


Special thanks to three magnificent guys, for making this interview happen. Sakis Fragos, Chris Kissadjekian and Thomas Ståhl (STAHL, INC), Tate’s tour manager extraordinaire and look-alike/stunt double, under certain circumstances. Much obliged, gents!

Costas Koulis