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Nervosa – Interview with Prika Amaral

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“This is my dream, you know”? Prika Amaral, founder and mastermind of Nervosa, is sitting next to us, somewhere in Athens, talking about her band. It’s only been a few minutes since the last round of applauds by the audience and a gig to remember. The vocalist and one of the guitarists, the composer, the one amongst the other members of a powerful locomotive.

These girls tour around the world, giving everything they’ve got every night and those of you aware of or familiar with the lyrics of their song “Sacrifice”, then you know and you get how committed they are. By the way, Prika knows what her name means in Greek. Yep, fun story all the way! Sincere thanks to the boys of the Gimme Shelter Film Festival Open Air and Hel Pyre, for being there when you need Deus ex machina in action.

Costas Koulis

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