the journeys

Immerse yourself in this incredible aural and sensory journey created by French rockers HighWay. 
“The Journey”, the band’s 5th opus, has been conceived as a real series, with each of the eight episodes taking you into its own universe.

“In the Circus of Madness”, the 5th single from the album, takes you on a journey to the desert of Andalusia, where the band’s rock power meets the fiery beauty of flamenco.

Cana Production, who produced the video for the 90,000-plus-viewed debut single “Like a Rockstar”, once again works wonders in this clip featuring the sumptuous, hypnotic “Mère Dragon”, well known to the Metal scene. 
She embodies fire, passion and the bewitching darkness of the world we live in.

Let yourself be carried away by “In the Circus Of Madness”.

‘The Journey’ on CD & Vinyl Limited Colour Edition 
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