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Seven by Winger

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2023 – Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Proud Desperado

Heaven’s Falling

Tears Of Blood

Resurrect Me

Voodoo Fire

Broken Glass

It’s Okay

Stick The Knife In And Twist

One Light To Burn

Do Or Die

Time Bomb

It All Comes Back Around


Winger; a band all hard rockers loved in the 80’s. Kip Winger remains ageless, with that magnetic smile, with the hard rock attitude and the priceless music adventures. They are here with the album “Seven” (my lucky number, maybe it’s his also, who knows). Reb Beach is your typical madman on guitars, we loved him with Whitesnake as well. John Roth has this power feeling, Paul Taylor possesses a melodic and romantic touch and last but not least, Rod Morgenstein, is an animal of a drummer. For so many years, these five gentlemen have been releasing songs we can’t and won’t forget. It’s the dream team we want to hear, the dream team we love and the dream team who built this album.

I will be honest with you, I am huge fan and I am in love with the song “Tears Of Blood”. It’s my one and only song for 2023. Is it the rhythm, could it be the attitude? Is it the music that captivates my soul or the voice of Kip that hunts me? Maybe all of the above! It seems that I can’t get over it. It’s my every morning go-to and my night prayer. It’s been years since I got to be so moved by a song, with such meaningful lyrics and music.

“Heaven’s Falling” is a powerful song, that creates images in your mind. “Resurrect Me” is the hit song of the album, nasty rock with more 80’s vibes that you can count. With “Voodoo Fire” we have a song that speaks to your body. You can’t help it, so dance with it. God, help me here, nasty song “It’s Okay” is keeping me on my toes. The music is magical. It breaths life and fire. All that power comes back with rocking “Stick The Knife In And Twist”. Kip’s vocals are incredible! Heavy and fabulous “One Light To Burn” is up next, passing all emotions to “Do Or Die”, which is the hard rock statement of the band. Tick tock… the bomb is ticking… “Time Bomb” is the song you will love off the “Seven” album, too. For last Winger has released a ballad with the title “It All Comes Back Around” and it’s true, people! All the way! It will hunt your soul and it will be a part of your memories for many years.

I want so much to experience this album as a live extravaganza! At some point I wish we could all have the opportunity. Yet, all of you, who can, please don’t miss this amazing album, which will become one of the five top releases this year!

Winger is here and they are ready to blow your mind away.

Mary Zarakoviti

Buy the album: https://www.frontiers.shop/new-releases/1554/winger-seven-cd-jewelcase


Kip Winger – Lead Vocals/Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards

Rod Morgenstein – Drums

Reb Beach – Lead Guitar/BackingVocals

John Roth – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Paul Taylor – Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals




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