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Shadowfall by Silver Bullet

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Silver Bullet
2023 – Reaper Entertainment

Overture To Armageddon
Shadow Of A Curse
The Ones To Fall
Creatures Of The Night
Soul Reaver
…And Then Comes Oblivion
Dusk Of Dawn
Falling Dawn
The Thirteen Nails

Three years after “Mooncult” album, Silver Bullet are releasing their new incredible album called “Shadowfall”.

If you don’t know the band, let me tell you that they are one of a kind!

Their album “Screamworks” in 2016 was for me the best album of that year. Full theatrical even though it was themed on classic horror movies. Then came the “Mooncult” album in 2019, another powerful release and now… Let’s see…

“Shadow Of A Curse”; powerful, heartbreaking metal with so much energy. Lyrics and chorus are elevating the song. Guitars are in a crazy mood and drums… the drums beat like hell!

My favorite song of the album is of course “The Ones To Fall”. Bruno was the best choice for the band. I like his theatrical voice, his powerful essence, his emotional vocals.

This album has no specific central theme. The band let their imagination go over the top.

Dark, electric, with so much passion, “Creatures Of The Night” is a new story Silver Bullet want to tell. I like this approach. Always something new and fresh but earthly metal. The riffs are to die for, I sense a new era for the band and with their “Overtour To Armageddon” they will be in front of the music scene. I wish we had the pleasure to see them live.

Another attack from “Soul Reaver” song. Oh God, they are playing fast! They are running to reach for the Sun! I adore the way they are taking our breath, our mind, our hearts away. Silver Bullet is one of the bands I truly love and support because I feel the strangle of their lyrics and I enjoy listening to the tunes they create. Emotional is the path they take with “…And Then Comes Oblivion”; another story full of pictures with warm and dark colors.

The power is on again, giving a fresh theatrical bombastic tinge via “Nighthunter”. Bruno can take his voice to the moon and back. He has no limit and that is amazing!

Hey, we have another favorite! The winner is “Dusk Of Dawn”. Smashing! Headbanging is necessary if you want to feel every tune in your body. The riffs are incredible! Passion is in full charge.


No, I don’t want this album to end, not as long as “Falling Dawn” song is playing. I want to fall and rise again with the music. Power metal at its best, a great synthesis that will stay to your mind forever.

In a theatrical play we always have a last scene; for Silver Bullet this last scene is “The Thirteen Nails”, which gives you the essence of a classic power metal tune. The band is more powerful than ever, more engaged.

They came, they saw, they conquered our hearts.

Guys, you have an amazing album! I wish you the best and I am still hoping to see you in Greece at some point.

Mary Zarakoviti

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