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THANOS goes to next level Heavy Metal via his new album “WORLD FALLS APART”

Are we standing at the beginning of the END?
Is Armageddon a scenario becoming reality?
People are losing their future, their dignity.
Hope is almost dead.
Money rules the world and everyone’s lives; ideologies are no more. Revolution is a lost dream.
The world is falling apart!

The album is metal, yet each song refers to various genre branches as well.

It is a marriage of classic, hard, doom, speed, thrash and epic, given through THANOS’ personal sound.
The song “World Falls Apart” talks about how difficult it is for modern man to autonomously function within a system that tramples on his values and personality.

The lyrics of the album deal with today’s society, which has gone downhill.


Thanos is a musician, songwriter, composer and producer, who started his career back in 1987, forming his first band, Powerdrops, as a guitarist-singer, releasing two demo tapes, one 7” single and a full length album, “Seven feelings”, in 1998.

In 1993 he joined Power Crue as the lead guitarist, releasing six full length albums and one live DVD with them until now. In 2018 he joined the band Lightfold as lead singer, releasing the album “Deathwalkers” in 2019. During the period 2011-2016 Thanos conceived the idea and created one of the biggest Greek heavy metal festivals ever, featuring local bands, under the name “Wreck Athens fest”, in Athens and later in Thessaloniki.

Over the last four years, Thanos created his YouTube channel, where one can listen to his own personal music ideas, mostly instrumental. In 2021 his debut solo full-length album, “Unholy”, was released and he has also composed music for the theatrical play “The beast”, “ which was performed in various theaters in Athens.

We are glad to present you the new album of THANOS – “WORLD FALLS APART”

Released on June 12 via Value for Nothing Record Label.

Bandcamp: https://thanos2.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Hz1D7hUL1mkrr07xpWE3nHTj_pKpfv9kXIvD12c80GQbJQh0Ujdy3v3U

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_nZXEvt9fI9U55x8lKhbw

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ThanosBertsatos

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