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Final Advent by Dynazty

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Final Advent
2022 – AFM Records

Power Of Will
Natural Born Killer
All The Devils Are Here
The White
Heart Of Darkness
Achilles Heel
Power Of Now

Dynazty is a band we love; is a band which have made so many fans throughout their fifteen years of continuous performing. Their singer, Nils Molin, is one of the best voices in melodic metal and Dynazty music and lyrics always make our hearts pumping fast.

Every time I listened to their new album, “Final Advent”, I found myself feeling more and more the lyrics, the depth of their creation. The “Final Advent” is a statement and their best album so far, in my humble opinion.

The ten tracks that are comprising the album are very powerful, full of strength, inner searching and feelings we all have deep inside. Before the release of the album, we have listened to and saw the songs “Power Of Will”, the first song the band made for their latest album and as they said, mapped the route they wanted to take. The song is all about the inner strength we have, is about our dreams and thoughts and feelings and the power we have, to made them true.

Next song is “Advent”, a song about self-inner searching for the true you and the purpose you let it out to the world. “Yours”, a passionate song, a ballad about the total meaning of the word Love. Melodies and riffs are so breathtaking and the Nils’ voice has wrapped us around their fingers. With “Natural Born Killer” we are floating with obsessions. Idolizing the wrong people, killing ourselves minute by minute, inside a meaningless situation.

Days before the release another song came up. And to tell you the truth, this is the best song of the year so far and my personal favorite. “The White”; the song is taking your breath away in every angle. The lyrics make your mind burst in to a hundred pieces. The music is bombastic and powerful, even though the song is all about the dark places we all are in, and the light that we all try to find in our lives. As the lyrics say, ”See a place of beauty shining in your darkness”. “The White” is the last song of a trilogy. The first song was “The Grey” from the album “Firesign”, released in 2018, the second was “The Black” from the album ”The Dark Delight”, in 2020. Give me a minute, I would love to hear them all now once more before going any further.

The melodies in “Heart Of Darkness” give rebirth to the Dynazty tunes. It’s of course their music signature everywhere, but fresher, more involving.

Do you know the story of Achilles? In Greek mythology, when Achilles was an infant, it was foretold that he would die at a young age. To prevent his death, his mother Thetis took Achilles to the River Styx, which was supposed to offer powers of invulnerability. She dipped his body into the water but, because she held him by his heel, it was not touched by the water of the river. So, the “Achilles Heel” is the weakness that could lead us to our downfall. The music has an epic and eastern vibe, before becoming more powerful and melodic.

Life is an adventure, and you have to enjoy every aspect of your journey. “Power Of Now” is the song about that journey and how to cherish every moment of it.

I believe that the pandemic made the band to pursue their most recent “identity”, to find themselves again and release their talents to the fullest. As far as Nils’ voice is concerned, the best outcome that we hoped for is here. In every album his voice is evolving, it’s heavier, more melodic and when he’s taking the “high road”, I believe the heavens open.

That’s why the “Final Advent” is the best album of their career! I made a promise to myself. If they don’t come to Greece to perform in 2023, I will travel and find them on their tour and get to see them live on stage.

Mary Zarakoviti

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